Silver Spring, MD—The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has adopted a Guidance Policy for dietary supplement and food products containing hemp and CBD to help ensure that the industry complies with existing regulations,according to a press release.

The policy recommends that any manufacturer, labeler, packer, holder, or marketer of dietary supplements or foods that contain hemp or CBD comply with federal regulations including:
  • Food facility registration
  • Current good manufacturing and good agricultural practice regulations
  • Labeling requirements
  • New dietary ingredient and food additive provisions, where applicable
  • Applicable obligations for timely submission to FDA of any serious adverse event reports associated with their products
AHPA president Michael McGuffin said in the release, “FDA’s current position on the lawful status of CBD shouldn’t be misinterpreted to mean that FDA does not regulate supplement or food products that contain hemp or CBD. Hemp and CBD companies should maintain compliance with established regulations for dietary supplement and food products to ensure quality and safety.”

More information and a download link can be foundhere.