Sonora, CA—Diestel Family Ranch, a family-owned and operated turkey ranch, is introducing a sustainability platform titledAbove & Beyond, which includes four tiers: farm, family, food, and future, according to their press release.

They fulfill their commitment to their farm, or to “values over volume,” by walking their flock daily, paying close attention to the turkeys’ health so as to remove the need for antibiotics, and lining their barns with fresh pine wood shavings. Their turkeys are certified by the Global Animal Partnership, ensuring that their animal treatment practices are of the highest standard.

Family—“we’re people people”—is self-explanatory, and the Diestels take it seriously. Their team members receive competitive pay and benefits, and every year they donate over 100,000 pounds of turkey to their local food bank.

They grow their own breeds of birds on 100% vegetarian diets, meeting their “safe and flavorful” food standards with organic, natural, clean turkey products.

And, of course, the future: the Diestels preserve rare breeds, create their own compost, use regenerative agriculture, conserve natural resources, and consistently seek out the “innovative farming practices” that this tier champions.

Heidi Diestel, fourth-generation turkey farmer, said “With this new platform, we want to give our customers, consumers and their families better insight into how our birds were raised and brought to market, while helping them to fully understand the strong values that play into everything we do.”