Greeley, CO—Feminine hygiene products maker Natracare is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

While only 21 years old in North America, Natracare is one of the pioneering brands credited with bringing organic and natural feminine hygiene products into the natural products industry. Taking this step was extremely difficult due to the fact that when Natracare first began distributing products in 1993, the natural feminine hygiene category did not even exist, reflects Susie Hewson, international sales & marketing director as well as the owner, founder and developer of Natracare. She also adds that at the time, the only feminine hygiene products stocked in stores were the larger name brands.

In order to carve out a space for not only her company, but the product sector itself, Hewson remarks that  there was “no internet, no emails, no faxes, just phone calls and letters and a passionate women’s campaign to get awareness raised and attitudes changed.” This hard work paid dividends, as Natracare has expanded a great deal, adding maternity and incontinence products to its line and being distributed in over 35 countries. Over the past 10 years alone, Hewson noted a 114% growth in Natracare’s North American operations. One extra step that she also mentions Natracare has taken is supporting organizations that assist girls and women to better their lives. One example is the Kilipads Project, an initiative designed to educate women and girls in rural Ghana and Tanzania on menstrual health as well as distribute feminine hygiene products.

Even as Natracare grows, Hewson notes opportunities ahead not just for her company, but the entire natural HABA industry. “The organic and natural personal care category is growing at a very healthy rate across all grocery and HABA markets,” she remarks. In response to these trends, she plans to have the company innovate and evolve their products further  in order to garner more interest and be featured by more retailers.  However, even with 25 years in the natural products industry, she considers Natracare’s mission to be the same as when they began: to offer high quality organic and natural solutions for feminine hygiene while maintaining their ethical credentials.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2014