This article continues our series on building consumer trust, with insight from Abraham and Gabe Nabors, owners of Mustard Seed Market and Café, given during a recent NPA webinar.

One concept that Gabe and Abraham emphasized was establishing a clear set of core values that contribute to the company’s mission. The reason for this is multifold, but the primary one is so you control the perception that your consumers have about your brand. The Nabors stated that if you don’t make your mission very clear, a customer may fill that perception with their own vision of what your business should be, which can cause issues when their perception when these two business visions do not align. Not only does creating and promoting a strong set of core values alleviate this problem, but it also provides something for you to rally around when comparing your business to your competitors.

One core value that Mustard Seed Market adheres to is its Golden Ingredient Standards, a set of guidelines for every product in their store keeping out artificial flavorings, preservatives and other components that could be considered unhealthy. Gabe and Abraham noted that with the natural products market expanding, and large corporations like Wal-Mart beginning offering its own selection, taking steps like these are key to setting your business apart.

Strong core values also are important at the employee level. Being proactive in communicating these values will not only make it easier for employees to make decisions in tight situations, but will also ensure that they are all working towards the same standard. Gabe and Abraham referred to values as a “north star” that keeps your entire staff facing the same direction.


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