Phoenix, AZ—Sprouts Farmers Market has released its 2020 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, according to a press release.

“This report demonstrates the ‘doing well by doing good’ philosophy in which our long-term strategy is rooted and highlights some of the ways we’re improving our business while caring for our customers, team members, local communities, and the planet,” said Jack Sinclair, CEO of Sprouts Farmers Market. “I’m happy to share the progress we’ve made in building a business that is committed to improving the world we live in. I want to thank not only our dedicated team members, but also our supply chain partners, vendors, and growers who worked collectively to make healthy food accessible to our customers in what was truly an extraordinary year.”

ESG initiatives include created an advantaged fresh supply chain, by working to position all stores within 250 miles of a distribution center in order to reduce food waste, lower transportation-related emissions, increase access to local farmers, and provide customers with fresher produce.

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Other highlights from the report:

  • Reduced per store refrigeration-related emissions by 35% over a 2016 baseline.
  • Reduced carbon emissions per square foot by nearly 10% from 2019.
  • Achieved an overall landfill diversion rate of 58% by repurposing and recycling nearly 78,000 tons of food and other recyclables.
  • Recovered 68% of food waste generated and donated the equivalent of 23 million meals to help those struggling with hunger.
  • Committed to ensuring all Sprouts brand products containing palm oil will be sourced with a sustainable certification by the end of 2022.
  • Transitioned 100% of pork supply to be sourced from suppliers that utilize open-pen or group-housed facilities.
COVID Response
  • Covered 100% of the costs for team member COVID testing and paid up to 4 hours of paid sick time off to receive the vaccine.
  • Paid more than $100 million in team member bonuses.
Team Member Development and Inclusion
  • Created 2,500 new jobs and promoted 7,200 team members of which 55% are female and 49% are ethnically diverse.
  • Delivered 475,000 hours of in-store training.
  • The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation awarded $1.6 million in grants and donations to programs supporting youth nutrition education and academic support, and food system equity.
  • Supported an estimated 350,000 students with nutrition programs, taught virtually, during school closures.
Corporate Governance
  • 87% of Sprouts’ board members are independent.
  • 25% of Sprouts’ board members are female and 13% are ethnically diverse.
Risk Management
  • Formed a board-level Risk Committee to monitor enterprise risk management program and provide oversight of risks related to cybersecurity, critical systems, and environmental and social matters among others.