Spring Lake Heights, NJ—Located a mile off New Jersey’s coast, Nature’s Corner Natural Market faced the effects of Hurricane Sandy along with many neighboring stores. With 18 years experience providing healthy, local and fresh natural foods for their community, their mission is to benefit the wellness of their customers and their families.

Although no physical damage occurred, Nature’s Corner was out of power for 10 days and lost of their refrigerated and frozen foods. And, business was slow for weeks after the storm due to many customers being displaced and out of power themselves. Despite incurring these costly losses, the store still made the decision to give back to their customers. November 7th was claimed “Super Supplement Thursday,” offering 35% off vitamins and supplements in an effort to thank their patient customers as they worked towards reopening the store. They also offered customers a “Nature’s Corner Hurricane Relief Coupon” to contribute to relief efforts. Store manager, Jane Young, stated, “The coupon offers 25% off an entire order good through Thanksgiving to help people get back on their feet.”

In the midst the recover, Nature's Corner found time to mobilize its community to donate products and make care packages for troops away from home during the holidays.

Young also commented on the overall effects on business due to Sandy. “It’s possible that we’ve lost some business and that people are dealing with personal stuff and haven’t come back in, but it’s pretty close to back to normal. We’ve always been very busy so I feel that we’ve been a little affected by it, but in the grand scheme, we’re probably pretty good.” WF


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Published in WholeFoods Magazine, January 2013 (online 11/26/12)