Washington, D.C.—The Natural Products Association (NPA) and WholeFoods Magazine are working together to help Hurricane Sandy victims (specifically natural products retailers) get back on their feet with the NPA Retailer Relief.

“We want to do what we can to help the victims who have suffered from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, whether they’re our fellow citizens or fellow NPA members. We urge any store owners who suffered damage from the storm to contact the national NPA office and let us know you need help,” said NPA Executive Director and CEO John Shaw.

As of December 7, NPA collected $1,675 from several industry members, including Georgetown Market; Washington Homeopathic Products; Brent Weickert, NPA; John Shaw, NPA, and Jessica Spitaleri; Jon Fiume, Ritzman Natural Health Pharmacy; Michael Keaton, NPA; Jane Drinkwalter, Vitamer Laboratories; Howard Pollack, Rainbow Acres; Gabrielle Alahouzos, NPA; Heather Wainer, WholeFoods Magazine; Emil C. Mahler, Southtown Health Foods; Lauren Cohen, NPA Staff; and Rhonda K. Fry, Oceana Natural Food Cooperative.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the Natural Products Foundation at NaturalProductsFoundation.org/Sandy.


WholeFoods is partnering with NPA to bring you the stories of stores and companies in need as well as those who have helped to rebuild. Read a letter from WholeFoods Publisher, Heather Wainer, here.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, January 2012 (online 11/19/12, updated 12/11/12)