Expo East 2012 Wrap-Up

Baltimore, MD—Natural Products Expo East brought together a strong educational program and a large tradeshow of 1,550 exhibits at the Baltimore Convention Center, September 19–22, 2012. According to show organizers, over 21,000 industry members were in attendance. The tradeshow featured several newcomers to the natural channel, including 36% of all exhibitors.

One exhibitor, Tim Schaeffer of Mineral Fusion, was happy with the turnout. “We had key retailers visit the booth, and saw more higher quality retailers,” he stated.

In the grocery aisles, Angie Hoagland, brand manager of Udi’s, felt her company had a successful show. “We made good contact with retailers who were raving about our new products,” she said. The booth featured quesadillas made with its new gluten-free tortillas for instance.

Many supplement makers were also happy with the show. Rob Maru of Reserveage said, “The conversations were engaging and there was less window shopping. There were a lot of retailers coming into the booth, wanting to know what’s new.”

In the aisles and in the educational venues, the focus seemed to be on some hot button topics, including whether voters in California will choose to have GMOs labeled, Prop 65 lawsuits, FDA updates, new supplement science, the organic market and more. For a session wrap-up, click here.


Crowded Personal Care Aisles   Book signing at MegaFood Booth


Demo at the Blackwing booth   Busy Grocery Area
Little Duck brightens up grocery aisles with a game of ski ball! NOW Foods Booth
Community Celebration Wakunaga celebrates anniversary with WholeFoods publisher, Heather Wainer

Fabien Cousteau book signing at Rainbow Light booth



Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2012 (online 9/24/12)