Expo East 2012 Wrap-Up

Women who dream of being leaders have a new resource at their disposal, thanks to the D.A.W.N. (Developing and Advancing Women in Naturals) Network.

The D.A.W.N. Institute was announced during the Women in Naturals networking event (sponsored by Reserveage Organics) by Naomi Whittel, CEO of Reserveage Organics and founder of D.A.W.N. Along with speaking of her own experiences growing up and raising her children in a natural products environment, Whittel explained that the D.A.W.N. Institute is a six-month program dedicated to creating more female leaders in the natural industry by providing guidance and empowerment to help women climb the corporate ladder to success.

Panelists at the Women in Naturals Event

The Institute will start at Expo West 2013, and will include 25–30 women who want to boost their leadership skills. It will start with a 360-degree examination for each woman to learn more about herself. There will be a three-day retreat later to work with executives, and then the program ends at Expo East 2013.

“It’s about execution,” said Whittel. She noted that when at least 33% of women are in leadership positions, companies perform better.

The Women in Naturals event also featured speakers who told their stories about being “Earth Mamas,” the theme of the night. The panelists were Corey Colwell-Lipson, founder of Green Halloween and author of Celebrate Green; Kimberly Pinkson, founder of EcoMom Alliance; Rebecca Harrell-Tickell, author of Hot, Rich and Green; and Whittel. 

Women interesting in learning more can call: (800)553-1896.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2012 (online 9/25/12)