Baltimore, MD—This year’s Natural Products Expo East, running from September 19–22, is sure to impress the masses. Held at the Baltimore Convention Center, workshops, speakers and tradeshow exhibits fulfill educational needs, while events and tours will serve as ample entertainment.

This year’s keynote speaker is Alice Waters, chef and author of The Art of Simple Foods and In the Green Kitchen. She believes in using the freshest organic ingredients, and exercises this philosophy in her restaurant where she taps into a network of local farmers and purveyors. Other speakers include entrepreneur Tom Szaky of Terracycle and Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. (sponsored by MegaFood). Low Dog will speak about “how we can experience health and wholeness by honoring our body, awakening our senses and listening to our spirit.” A signing of her Life is Your Best Medicine book will follow the seminar at MegaFood’s booth (#4817).

New to Expo East is the Sustainable Fisheries Tour. Visitors will see the oldest crab processing plant in the world, along with cutting-edge facilities like an oyster aquaculture program that eliminates pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.

This year’s Special Afternoon Screening features the film, Food Matters; You Are What You Eat, which examines the pros and cons of the food we eat. Interviewees give their opinions on organic foods, food safety, nutritional therapy and raw foodies. Don’t forget The Women in Naturals Event, where you can mingle and exchange ideas with fellow female green enthusiasts in the natural products community.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2012