Mexico City, Mexico—Coconut beverage-maker Kokomio is updating its shipping materials to be more sustainable: The company will process husks from its coconuts into shipping materials for the transportation of its beverages, with the expectation that the materials will provide superior and sustainable insulation.

The new initiative is expected to be in place by late spring 2021 in Kokomio’s Mexico City plant. A press release from the company calls this “a significant development in the company’s quest to bring sustainability and humanity to a challenged category.”

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“From the beginning, we saw a need for continued support and economic opportunities for the coconut growers in Guerrero, so creating a pure organic coconut beverage, like the ones I enjoyed in Acapulco in my childhood, seemed to be the right choice,” said Alan Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Kokomio. “We also discovered that consumers in the U.S. are thirsty for a fresh, real coconut beverage, with less natural sugar—made closer to home from Mexico. But they’re also highly interested in supporting products that are developed from a population with humanely treated animals and workers. We’ve been able to accomplish that with Kokomio. Our coconut beverage is made from Guerrero coconuts, and not from Thai coconuts. Thai sourced coconuts account for 90% of the coconut beverages made available in the U.S. today.”

Kokomio is exploring additional innovations, with the goal of using 100% of the coconut.