Laguna Beach, CA—Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D., scientific editor/author of WholeFoods’ Vitamin Connection column and well-known nutrition researcher, and fish oil authority Jorn Dyerberg, M.D., DMSc., have co-authored a new book about omega-3s that is due out this summer.

The Missing Wellness Factors—EPA and DHA, published by Basic Health Publications, is divided into two parts: the discovery of EPA/DHA and information about their health benefits as studied through clinical trials (mostly published in 2010–2012). According to Passwater, “It all started with our four-part interview in the June 2010 Vitamin Connection column. We kept the discussions going and decided to put that information plus the explosion of new research since then in book format.”

The “adventure” begins with Dyerberg speaking to readers about his long journey to visit Eskimos (Inuits) in Greenland to unlock the mystery of their amazing diet and health. Along the way, Passwater and Dyerberg review the basic biochemistry of healthy fats and our bodies. The pair then delve into the many ways DHA and EPA benefit heart, brain, eye and joint health, among other applications. Also included are guidelines for restoring EPA and DHA levels in the body.


The book is available from Nutri-Books, Integral Yoga Distribution, and New Leaf Distributing Co., or from the publisher ([800]575-8890,


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, June 2012 (online May 1, 2012)