NOW International received the Governor’s Export Award for Continuing Excellence in Exporting in the large company (over 500 employees) category from Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. This award is given to companies that “exemplify significant contributions to Illinois’ economic development in the fields of export and manufacturing, service, and agribusiness.” The company, which received a similar award from Illinois in 2008, has been growing steadily over the past three years with the addition of 201 jobs.

In other news, you can look for information about NOW Foods’ products with Carnipure l-carnitine on Facebook. The firm created to teach fans about l-carnitine and gave away a mountain bike to a lucky winner.

In honor of its 80th anniversary, Houston, TX-based Himalaya Herbal Healthcare will plant at least 8,000 trees in the United States before the end of the year. The firm has already planted a total of 200,000 trees in the past.

Bioforce USA of Ghent, NY announced its Molkosan lacto fermented whey supplement has undergone some changes. There is now more beneficial lactic acid in the product, it is now organic and the packaging has an updated look. The company is also hosting a Secure Denture video contest for consumers, in which shoppers can win $1,000 for entertaining videos that get people talking about dentures. Information is available at

elete Electrolytes (a division of Mineral Resources International of Ogden, UT) donated its elete Electrolyte Add-In to Nourish America to aid victims of the Missouri tornados. The group gave 35,000 10-mL rip packs, 5,500 6.45-mL rip packs and 219 8-oz bottles; the product will help keep victims and responders well hydrated.

Member companies of the Natural Products Association can now get health and business insurance through Assurance Agency Ltd. For more information, members should contact Assurance Vice President John Mannebach at (847) 463-7358 or

Polycil Holdings of Los Angeles, CA announced its Planet Minerals line will now be distributed by Select Nutrition.

Natural Health Research Institute will hold its technical program on October 26–29, 2011.  More information about the event is available at

The addendum to the WholeFoods Source Directory published in May is now available online at

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2011