Lawrence, KS—Pines International, manufacturer of PINES Wheat Grass, is working to raise awareness on the importance of soil health, and how soil is the foundation for growing nutrient-dense food. The farm follows standards that Dr. Charles F. Schnabel (aka "the father of wheatgrass") established in 1932, using sustainable practices to further enrich the mineral-rich glacial soil found in the Northeastern corner of Kansas.

"Plants need three basic things to grow: water, sunlight, and nutrients from the soil," the company shared in a  press release. "If we can supply the crop with an abundant amount of these things, we can grow nutrient-dense food. With the sun providing all of the energy the plant needs, what about the soil and water? Pines International 'grows' soil on its farm by increasing organic matter, planting cover crops, and using crop rotation."
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Pines International, a company that focuses on certified organic farming and has never used chemical poisons, says these practices allow the soil to absorb moisture and hold nutrients for the plant to utilize, plus supply plant matter that microorganisms feed on to break it down into nutrient-rich soil. "Each crop in the rotation has an intended purpose of replenishing the soil with nutrients that other crops need." One example: Pines International grows soybeans and alfalfa for the purpose of providing nitrogen for the company's wheatgrass.

The company adds that products from Pines are 100% organic, with crops grown on the company’s historic farm and produced at its all-organic facility next to the fields. The company grows, harvests, packages, and ships right from its 100% organic farm.