Ronkonkoma, NY—Industry veteran Jodi Drexler-Billet has brought to market the new Earthly Elements all-natural vegan personal care line, which will be distributed by supplement manufacturer Solgar Vitamin and Herb Company. The 16-product line of shampoos, conditioners, body washes and body lotions is revolutionary, according to Drexler-Billet, because it integrates the newest eco-friendly packaging, botanical ingredients and natural preservatives. “I didn’t want to the line to be ‘me, too,’” says Drexler-Billet. “I wanted to take my time and investigate all of the newest, environmentally friendly options available.”

For instance, the Earthly Elements line is one of the first to debut a BPA- and label-free bottle design made with a new process called Eco-Frost. This environmentally friendly spray frost doesn’t have any volatile organic compounds, heavy metals or solvents. The end result is a sophisticated etched glass finish that doesn't negatively affect the environment.

These eco-friendly inks were important to Drexler-Billet. “The bottle can be recycled as-is,” she states. “And we colored the bottles…in an uplifting, ‘feel-good’ fashion.” The bottles also are designed with icons for the earth’s elements that correspond with product categories like water (hair care) and fire (body care).

The line includes innovative natural ingredients, too. States Drexler-Billet, “In the shampoos, we use barley protein, noni or vanilla essential oils, and all are based with a pre- and probiotic,” which she says helps offer balance. The body products are infused with hydrating extracts like jojoba, borage and flax oils.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, January 2011 (online 11/24/10)