Coral Springs, FL—The successful Tunie’s Super Save Nutrition Center, based here, is under new ownership. The business, built by Al Forman over the past 17 years, is now owned by Taylor Hamilton. Friends Hamilton and Forman worked out the deal earlier this year.

“Buying a business is a lot like hiring an associate; not only do you have to want to hire them, but they have to want to work for you too,” says Hamilton, “Well in this case, I think it was important to Al to find the right person to pass the torch too.”

When asked what attracted him to the business, Hamilton said first and foremost that he wanted to contribute positively to people’s health. “I can't think of anything more rewarding and it's the principle behind everything we do here. We have customers every day that tell us how the products they buy here have changed their lives, and that they wouldn't be able to afford them if we didn't exist,” he said.

The new owner also stated that there will be some changes around Tunies, which include “more seminars and educational classes being offered every week; the introduction of South Florida's largest all organic and no-sulfite added wine selection; free nutritional counseling via webcam for our Internet and mail order customers; opening on Sundays beginning in January; monthly customer appreciation days featuring special promotions; a completely revamped e-commerce site to give customers around the world easy access to our great prices; and a few other surprises that you'll have to wait to see.”

Hamilton comes from the food industry, having owned and operated two restaurants in South Florida. Forman has been in the store full time for the past few months and will continue to host radio show, Health Line. States Hamilton, “He’ll also be attending some of the trade shows with us.  While that's his official schedule, I'm sure we'll continue to see him around the store quite a bit.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine November 2010 (published ahead online on 9/30/2010)