Aker BioMarine’s Antarctic krill fishery was awarded an A-rating from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) in the 2021 review, marking the seventh year in a row that Aker BioMarine received this recognition.

“SFP’s rating is an important measure for us at Aker BioMarine because it tells not only the story of our own journey to meeting our 2030 sustainability targets, but also the bigger picture story about how a fishery can operate well in a thriving  surrounding ecosystem,” said Matts Johansen, CEO, Aker BioMarine, in a press release.

SFP is an independent non-profit organization responsible for up-to-date assessments of stocks and fisheries in the Pacific and Atlantic. An A-rating is achieved when a fishery earns more than eight out of 10 points in five key areas: management strategy, manager’s compliance, fishers’ compliance, current stock health, and future stock health. Aker BioMarine’s krill fishery topped the list for the 2021 review, earning between eight to 10 points in all categories.

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“In a time where oceans are under pressure from climate change, fisheries and fisheries management are put under high scrutiny,” said Pål Skogrand, Director of Sustainability and Antarctic Affairs at Aker BioMarine, in the press release. “It is reassuring for us to have another validation of the performance of the krill fishery from a strong source like SFP. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and it it’s up to the ocean industries like ourselves to work methodically and sustainably over time to ensure that we are using this resource responsibly, if we are to succeed in ensuring the longevity of the oceans.”

To learn more about Aker BioMarine’s sustainability commitments towards 2030, view thecompany’s latest annual report.