Bradenton, FL—HP Ingredients (HPI) has signed a partnership with Tamera Rice, President of Hemp Sail, according to a press release.

“HP Ingredients has long been interested in working with a quality, ethical and sustainable hemp and CBD provider, and we found Hemp Sail to fulfill our high expectations,” said Annie Eng, CEO and Founder of HPI. “The CBD and hemp market shows no sign of slowing its incredibly rapid growth and the opportunities for distinctive product developments are bountiful, bountiful as Hemp Sail has one of the widest inventories in the market.”

HPI will represent, sell, and market the ingredients produced by Hemp Sail to the dietary supplement and functional foods and beverages markets. The ingredients exclusive to Hemp Sail and HPI: 20% CBD isolate water-soluble powder, 20% broad-spectrum water-soluble powder, and 20% CBD water-soluble liquid concentrate.

Hame Persaud, Executive Vice President of HP Ingredients, added, “There is no denying that the compounds in hemp are scientifically proven to be beneficial to human health and wellness. It is a sturdy, hardy botanical with a rich history of use. This product segment is expected to continue to bloom profusely, and we are positioned to steer and supply quality hemp-derived ingredients.”

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Hemp Sail offers several other CBD and broad-spectrum products as well.

“I took my time to get to know several potential partners with whom I wanted to represent my passion and the Hemp Sail line,” shared Rice. “Annie Eng and Hame Persaud are leaders in emphasizing full research portfolios for ingredients to provide traceability of efficacy and mechanisms of action. Everything they do is connected to scientific research. Additionally, the HP Ingredients staff is a fun group of people with diverse interests, skills and talents. They easily relate not only to one another but to customers and when working with CBD and hemp; this relatability is key to creating relationships of trust. Together, we will enrich the health industry.”