Company DescriptionFor well over 30 years, Health Plus, Inc. (HPI) has been committed to developing and manufacturing the highest quality supplements available on the market to help our consumers lead a healthier lifestyle.

The first product launched in 1981 using Psyllium Husk, a dietary fiber long known for its healing properties and traditional uses in India,Colon Cleansewas an instant success. In fact,Colon Cleansewas so successful it helped create the colon cleansing category in the United States and still dominates the market today.

Over the years, HPI has remained committed to its roots by offering a full range of products that support digestive wellness. In addition, we have a broad selection of innovative formulas that support specific organs to promote the health of the entire body. All of these are included for view on the HPI website,

All of the HPI products are formulated using the highest quality raw materials and manufactured in our own FDA Compliant Facility in Chino, California. We pride ourselves on our commitment to maintaining rigorous quality assurance testing and the most comprehensive protocols in the industry.

Current Health Plus, Inc. NewsToday HPI is proud to announce an exciting new modern look for the brand. In addition, most product formulas are being updated to meet the evolving needs of today’s natural consumer. The goal of the new label design is to attract a new generation of natural consumers and to bring attention to the company’s commitment to offering the safest, highest quality, and most innovative dietary supplements on the market.

The first of the newly designed products shipped early 2018. An official launch of the products debuted their new look and formulas at the Natural Products Expo West in March. Health Plus has concentrated on a clean, modern look that highlights key natural ingredients and clearly calls out information consumers often seek.

Health Plus is excited to be leading the launch with their top selling product —Super Colon Cleanse. In addition to the design changes, most products are reformulated to give consumers even better products with more of the key ingredients in smaller serving sizes — the same efficacious doses in fewer capsules.

“We’re proud to re-launch these best-selling digestive and detox formulas in updated packaging and with the best possible formulas,” said Sunil Kohli, COO of Health Plus. “We have watched over the years as our natural consumers’ priorities change and are going to continue to meet these needs with revised labels and formulas which make our currently best-in-category products even more attractive to them.”

A few of the individual product changes are highlighted below – •Original Colon Cleanse®: New Look/Original Formula •Super Colon Cleanse®: New Look/New Formula • Boosted amount of the active ingredient, Senna Leaf Powder, per capsule.Senna Leaf Powder is a natural stimulant that encourages contractions and helps the digestive system eliminate waste effectively.• Twice the value • Serving size goes from 4 Capsules to 2 •Kidney Cleanse: New Look/New Formula • Increased the amount of Turmeric and B12 to aid in cell generation and decrease inflammation. • Added antioxidants from Cranberry and CoQ10 to help protect bladder and kidneys.* • 30 day supply (2 capsules daily) up from 15 day supply currently. •Liver Detox: New Look/New Formula • Increased the amount of B12 and Milk Thistle to assist with glucose storage and liver support. • Alpha-Lipoic Acid and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine added to help with production of Glutathione and the prevention of Liver damage. • 30 day supply (2 capsules daily) same days’ supply as current formula.

Even More Health Plus, Inc. NewsIn addition to the re-branding and re-formulating of their digestive line of products, HPI is now a manufacturer of certified organic products. The first to market is theirUSDA Certified Organic Psyllium Husk Powder – Organic Colon Cleanse.

The multiple benefits of Psyllium Husk are already established as this hard working fiber helps maintain regularity, manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease. Now Health Plus, Inc., is launching their certified USDA Organic version of Psyllium Husk which adds all the benefits of an organic product to the already established reasons to pick up this product and take it daily.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Health Plus, Inc.13837 Magnolia Ave. Chino, CA 91710 Telephone: 1-800-822-6225 Email: website:www.healthplusinc.comLinkedIn: Year Founded: 1981

Key PersonnelSunil Kohli, COO/VP Don Edwards, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Charlsea Foley, Product Manager