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One of the pleasures of doing is that I am continuing to learn about how nutrition affects our health, our structure and our function. I get to learn from important innovators in the various fields of natural health and I get to bring them to you through the podcast. Dr. Russell Jaffe is new to me as a guest and I gained new insight through this interview. And it always excites me when I can introduce my audience to these important topics.

Dr. Russell JaffeIn this interview, Dr. Russell Jaffe used a phrase that conceptually made a lot of sense in a few words. He said “Inflammation is Repair Deficit.”  This simple sounding phrase is a profound statement that leads to seeking how to facilitate repair in the body.

Inflammation is not a disease. It is a result of the body’s attemptInflammationto heal. When we use targeted nutrition, we are giving the body the specific nutrients to facilitate repair and maintain structure and function. Dr. Jaffe’s research has led to our understanding of the role of specific antioxidants for inflammation repair.

“Inflammation is like a smoldering fire that eventually eats through the fiber of our being. Because it affects the connective tissue infrastructure upon which our bodies are built, repair deficits can occur in any part of the body that is stressed, lacking in nutrients, or more exposed to toxins. This makes inflammation an underlying co-morbidity for many conditions.

Pain SupportPerqueInflammation always means a cumulative repair deficit or a block to repair completion. When one is healthy, repair occurs seamlessly and completely.”


Steve LankfordSteve Lankford is the host of Steve has over 40 years oexperience in the natural products industry. His passion is helping others develop nutritional programs that work. At, Steve interviews the experts in the fields of science and nutrition. His in depth explorations and consumer friendly style are designed help listeners learn about the science of nutrition. His guests are some of the most respected experts in the natural products industry.

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Posted in WholeFoods Magazine online 5/3/2017