Company Description
Dr. Rath USA, Inc., founded by Dr. Matthias Rath, is dedicated to the global transition of health care toward the prevention and eradication of today’s most common diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, immune deficiencies and many others. The company is committed to advancing human health through the development and promotion of science–based natural health approaches and contributing its resources to support scientific research in natural health, public health education and improving the wellbeing of people worldwide. The firm is unique among the natural health companies. 100% of the shares of Dr. Rath USA Inc., are owned by the non-profit Dr. Rath Humanities Foundation. This means that all the profits from the sale of our health products are used to support research and education in natural health and other health-related humanitarian causes through the Dr. Rath Humanities Foundation.

Key Market Areas
Dr. Matthias Rath, a pioneer in natural health science and founder of Cellular Health, brings you innovative nutritional supplement programs that utilize Nutrient Synergy to effectively promote health.
• The unique formulas are based on Nutrient Synergy
• Developed from Dr. Rath’s breakthrough discoveries and backed by scientific leadership
• With ethical leadership and owned by a not-for-profit foundation
• Pioneering a transition in health care
• Sold exclusively in the United States through independent health food stores and practitioners

Major Products
Cellular Health Programs that promote:
• Cardiovascular Health and Longevity Multi-Vitamin Formula
• Healthy Blood Pressure
• Healthy Blood Sugar
• Healthy Bones
• Healthy Cell Growth
• Healthy Cholesterol
• Healthy Collagen
• Healthy Heart Energy
• Healthy Immune Support
• Healthy Joints
• LysinC Drink Mix
• Dr. Rath VitaCforte
• Femicell
• Illioforte
• Lensivit
• Phytobiologicals

What’s New?
Introducing Dr. Rath USA Inc.’s New Cellular Health
Synergy Based Product Line!
• New Integrated Formulas
• New Uniform Look and Box Design
• Simplified Product Names adding convenience for both retailers and customers.

Dr. Rath USA Inc.
1260 Memorex Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Tel.: (408)567-5000 or (800)624-2442
Fax: (408)567-5032
Year Founded: 1999

Key Personnel:
Betsy Long, CEO
Earle Hall, COO
Antonio Morales, CSR Supervisor
Joe Knudsen, Marketing