With so many health-transforming books being released, WholeFoods wanted to know what the experts are reading. Here, Mikaila A. Ulmer, Entrepreneur, Bee Ambassador, Philanthropist, Author and Founder & CEO of Me & the Bees Lemonade, shares her thoughts on three books that made an impact.


100 Plants to Feed the Bees: Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrivefrom the Xerces Society

As a bee ambassador, this has been a very helpful book. After being stung by two bees in one week when I was just four years old, my parents encouraged me to do research about them. Instead of immediately being afraid of them, and I have made it my purpose to help the bees ever since. So, this is one of my go-to books for tips on how to help with the fact that the bees are in crisis, which threatens our global food supply. I like that it’s super easy to follow and gives all types of plants for different zones, all in one handy book. It features profiles of flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees that support all sorts of pollinators. I have been able to use this information for our own family garden and I am referring to it for a project I’m doing at my high school this fall. The recommendations are simple: pick the right plants, protect the bees and other pollinators from pesticides, and provide abundant blooms throughout the growing season. This book can also help readers grow delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs that are great for the bees and delicious for humans too.


Living Lively by Haile Thomas

Because I’m a social entrepreneur and high school student, balance is something that I have to focus on. Haile Thomas, a black, teen, vegan author, wrote an amazing cookbook on how to incorporate healthy foods into your lifestyle. This is the exact book I’d been looking for, especially after staying home due to the COVID-19 quarantine, which initially threw us out of sync on our healthy eating routine. My family and I got on track again and we have been switching out who is in charge of meals. I’ve really enjoyed turning to this book for new food ideas inspired by Haile’s 80 vegan recipes. While we are not vegan, the recipes are still awesome and tasty! This is a book for those who want to take care of themselves and also want to make a positive impact on this planet. As a teenager, this book resonates with me and I think it’s a book for all ages. I find her advice on the 7 Points of Power motivating. They are: Wellness, Thoughts and Mind-set, Relationships; Social Media and Societal Influences, Education, World Perspective, and Creativity and Community.