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In this interview I will discuss sustainable weight loss with Dr. Michael Lyon. Dr. Lyon is an obesity expert. His focus in research and clinical practice is on the treatment of obesity, human appetite regulation, diabetes prevention and the nutritional management of chronic disease. He has designed and conducted numerous clinical trials. As you will learn in this interview, he understands the challenges of obesity and weight loss in a very personal way.

Why is it that we have such a problem with obesity? Why don’t we understand more about how to fix this problem? There seems to be no shortage of diets and weight loss programs. What seems to be missing is a natural way to put the body back in order that can be sustained and allow one to enjoy life and lead to healthy weight. Many people are desperate to find a solution. It is critical that this process begin with an attempt to understand the factors that are important in each case. Everyone is unique and everyone usually has a number of issues that need to be addressed in order for weight loss to be achieved and sustained.

“What is a successful healthy weight loss strategy?”

Dr. Lyon has developed several key principles that are the foundation of his weight loss protocols. The goal is to maintain satiety, the feeling of satisfaction and fullness that regulates the desire to eat.
  • Eat for volume. Eat foods that fill you up and are low in calories, high in fiber and low on the glycemic scale. Reduce carbs and avoid refined foods.
  • Eat protein. Especially for breakfast and then throughout the day.
  • Eat mindfully. Think about the food you eat. Consider portions and types of food. Eat more slowly.
  • Support healthy blood sugar. Dr. Lyon uses and recommends PGX fiber.