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Poria CocosPoria (Poria cocos) is one of the most widely utilized ingredients in traditional Chinese herbalism where it is used to support healthy kidney and urinary tract function. I just recently learned about this medicinal mushroom, Poria Cocos. It always excites me to learn about emerging nutritional products. This is not new to those knowledgeable about traditional Chinese medicine. It has been also been used by Native Americans as well for centuries. So for me this is a good example of how “new” products emerge in the marketplace. Do you ever wonder howPoriaproducts get discovered and brought to your store shelf? In the case of plant medicines it usually starts with healing history of cultures. Every culture had its healers and its medicines. We now have unprecedented access to natural medicines from around the world. How do products emerge? And how do we know those products are safe and effective?

Poria, also called Fu Ling, has been one of the most widely used remedies in traditional Chinese medicine formulations for about 2,000 years. Approximately 10% of medicinal preparations in the 2000 Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China contain poria (fu-ling). Traditionally Poria was used to reinforce and balance the effects of other herbs in medicinal formulas, and has beenMushroom Wisdomconsidered a tonic, diuretic, and sedative. Animal studies have suggested potential uses as an immunomodulator and anti-inflammatory agent. Mushroom Wisdom Poria provides the beneficial polysaccharides and triterpenes which helps maintain a balanced immune system, promotes kidney health.

Mark Kaylor

Mark Kaylor is a passionate advocate for the value of natural mushrooms. In this interview Mark will discuss the traditional uses Poria, explain the concept of “dampness”, Poria & kidney health, Poria & immune health and other Poria research.



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Posted in WholeFoods Magazine online 2/27/2017