NOW Foods

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Single-dose twist-top liquid shots are now available from NOW Foods. NOW Shots are intended for the lead up to physical activities, important meetings, big tests or whenever a powerful nutrient boost is needed. They contain guaranteed potencies of all-natural key ingredients, and come in three varieties.

L-carnitine 2,000 mg with Acai delivers natural compounds to help transport body fat and enhance energy production. Each shot contains 2,000 mg of Carnipure l-carnitine. Studies have shown carnitine’s ability to transport long-chain fatty acids to the cell’s mitochondria for utilization as a primary energy source. With 500 mg of freeze-dried açaí to support healthy cellular activity, this shot relieves fatigue while providing powerful antioxidant protection.

B-12 10,000 mcg has been formulated with vitamin B-12 and other nutrients effective at promoting maximum energy utilization, says the company. The energy formula was designed to keep people sharp, focused and naturally upbeat for hours. 

Choco Energy is a blend of vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients that deliver a boost of extended energy. NOW ChocoEnergy Shots contain Chocamine (a proprietary cocoa extract that provides the energizing benefits of chocolate without the excess sugar or fat), D-Ribose and Yerba Mate. Together, this combination of naturally energizing compounds contains 88–120 mg of natural caffeine and works quickly to accelerate reaction time through its stimulating effect on cognitive function.

New Adam Multi Softgels is a high-potency men’s multivitamin in easy-to-swallow softgels. NOW’s certified nutritionists, food scientists and formulators worked to optimize this formula for men, so that two softgels contain the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential extracts needed for male health and performance. Eve Multi Softgels were designed to provide women with a full profile of vitamins and minerals along with nutrients and herbs that promote hormonal health, energy levels, bone strength and more, NOW Foods feels this is the “mother of all multiples.”

TestoJack 200 is a combination of natural herbal ingredients known to support a man's healthy sexual activity and overall vitality. With Tongkat Ali, Tribulus, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, American and Panax Ginsengs, plus Muira Puama, this formula can help men maintain reproductive function, libido and sexual performance while sustaining good energy levels. The NOW Sports line of sports nutrition products has been carefully tailored to address the needs of today’s athletes.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2010