FrieslandCampina Ingredients has introduced two new DHA ingredients targeting the adult nutrition market. Biotis DHA FlexP 15 and Biotis DHA FlexP 20 are algae-based, microencapsulated DHA powders that are suitable for vegan and vegetarian formulations. The powders are intended for use in food, drinks, and supplements. DHA FlexP 15 delivers a consistent 15% DHA load for vegan formulations, while Biotis DHA FlexP 20, a vegetarian variant, uses dairy proteins in the powder matrix and provides a 20% DHA load. The ingredients can be combined with other nutrients (including proteins and carbohydrates, pre- and postbiotics, vitamins, and minerals) to support development of multifunctional products that meet consumers’ expectations on efficacy and taste. Both provide 4g per 100g of vitamin C for immune health.