Company Description

Mushroom Wisdom, Inc. is a global leader in the development, production and research of mushroom supplements. The company is singularly distinguished by its introduction of the Maitake mushroom to America in 1991.

Mushroom Wisdom brings the healthful benefits of mushrooms and mushroom extracts—backed by rigorous scientific research, and outstanding quality control compliance—to the daily routines of consumers worldwide. It offers a robust product line, including specific mushroom products developed to support the immune system, brain function, healthy blood sugar levels and much more. Mushroom Wisdom has three product lines offering more choices for a growing consumer base becoming invested in their health and well-being.

Key Market Areas

Important to note that MWI mushroom supplements can be shelved in your store by category, not just in your “mushroom section!”

Immune Support • Blood Sugar Support • Brain Support • Breast Support • Prostate Support • Heart Support • Joint Support • Skin Support • Vision Support • Overall Optimal Health Support

We also provide individual mushrooms for consumers who prefer their favorite researched mushroom.

Major Products

Premium Line: Well-Researched Proprietary Mushroom Products

Maitake D-fraction® Pro 4x Tablet • Maitake D-fraction® Pro 4x Liquid • Amyloban® 3399 • Maitake D-fraction® Standard Liquid • Maitake D-fraction® Standard Capsule • Grifron® Maitake Caplet • Mushroom Emperors™ Tablet • MaiGreen Tea  

Super Mushroom Line: Individual Mushrooms and Extracts Enhanced with D-Fraction

Super Royal Agaricus • Super Chaga • Super Cordyceps • Super Coriolus • Super Lion's Mane • Super Meshima • Super Reishi • Super Shiitake • Super Tremella

Mushroom-based face cream

Aquamella® —paraben-free, Tremella, Pearl powder, CoQ10, ALA, peptides

Health-Mate Line: Targeted Support

Brain*Mate • Breast*Mate • Calorie*Mate • Heart*Mate • Joint*Mate • Prost*Mate • Skin*Mate •Vision*Mate

Mushroom Wisdom believes in creative partnering with our retailers, and we are constantly providing innovative promotions that are based on consumer education. For example, monthly samples and raffles are offered through the Living Naturally/Genius Central promotion. We also advertise frequently in the health-oriented magazines that are distributed in your store as well as offer co-op advertising in-store newsletters.

What’s New?

Mushroom Emperors™ is the ideal multi-mushroom supplement that is a perfect companion to your customers’ multivitamin. It not only includes superior quality mushroom extracts, but also features our proprietary extracts D-fraction and SX-fraction from maitake, and amyloban from lion’s mane.

Mushroom Wisdom, Inc.

1 Madison St., Bldg. F6
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Tel.: (800)747-7418
Fax: (973)470-0017
Year Founded: 1991

Key Personnel

Mike Shirota, Founder and CEO
Donna Noonan, President
Mark Kaylor, Vice President of Research and Education
Shuji Matsubara, Vice President of Sales













Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2014