Company Description

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.® (SGTI) is a full-service contract manufacturer, specializing in providing marketers with premium-quality dietary supplements in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system. SGTI is dedicated to producing and marketing branded products and turnkey custom formulations exclusively to the nutraceutical industry. We are GMP-certified through the NPA and NSF, including GMP for Sport. Having an international sales team enables us to export our softgels throughout the world. SGTI supports our exclusive products through clinical studies, extensive marketing and educational efforts. We are committed to helping customers effectively communicate the benefits of our products and be a reputable source of information. We have the capacity to meet high volume demands as well as accommodate smaller jobs in a reliable manner.

Since its inception, SGTI has maintained its goal of providing high value-added products. Specifically focusing on ingredients that are difficult to absorb, difficult to encapsulate or fragile to work with, SGTI has developed an array of proprietary technologies that allow its products to deliver superior results. SGTI has earned many U.S. patents, most of which are for significant technological breakthroughs in the area of nutrient bioavailability.

Delivering custom and branded softgels, naturally.™

Major Products/Service Offerings

Some of our key branded softgel supplements include:

  • Perluxan® softgels contain a unique botanical anti-inflammatory agent derived from hops resin extract clinically demonstrated to relieve minor joint pain quickly. The formula is standardized to contain high concentrations of alpha acids, which reduce pain-causing compounds in a short time with a low dose. This specialized hops extract provides a safer approach to soothing aches from overexertion of everyday activities and effectively calms the body’s minor pain cascade.
  • Injuv® softgels contain a low molecular weight, naturally derived hyaluronic acid complex for skin and joint health with proven absorption and bioavailability. A proprietary enzyme-cleaving technique allows it to have a low molecular weight for the highest possible absorption. With its low molecular weight, Injuv is able to be absorbed by the intestinal tract, enter the bloodstream and move to its target sites. It is clinically shown to increase skin smoothness and firmness. Injuv helps skin and joints stay hydrated from the inside out.
  • CoQH-CF® is a targeted and highly beneficial antioxidant solution providing a stabilized and protected form of Kaneka QH™ ubiquinol in a softgel using our crystal-free technology. Ubiquinol is an important nutrient that should be seriously considered for optimum health, longevity and vitality. CoQH-CF® soft gels provide a highly efficient platform for delivering the reduced form of CoQ10 for maximum utilization. Supplementing with this form makes CoQ10 more readily available to those who need it most—the late middle-aged to elderly and individuals suffering from oxidative stress conditions.

  • EZ Mega 3™ softgels are fish oil concentrate softgels that are neutral in taste and contaminant-free. They provide an easy way to get omega-3 essential fatty acids. The highest standards—including a proprietary, patented deodorization and stabilization technology—were used to manufacture this fish oil concentrate. Deodorization prevents fishy smell and taste molecules from being created. Stability equates to an enhanced shelf life. EZ Mega 3™ is free of potential toxins, is odorless, and minimizes aftertaste and reflux. Since the fish oil contains higher concentrations of EPA and DHA than standard fish oils, it allows us to put more omega-3 in smaller, easy-to-swallow soft gels. No Smell. No Taste. No Burp.

What’s New?

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. is committed to sustainability and practices corporate conservation. We have incorporated a 260-kilowatt co-generation machine that generates electricity using natural gas. When the power is generated, heat is produced and can be harnessed for other elements, such as heating water for our boiler. We also have invested in two additional chiller units (45 and 75 tons, respectively) as part of our manufacturing capabilities. This ecology friendly upgrade to our facilities supplies us with an uninterrupted source of power, independent of the California Power Grid. By providing 80% of our own power, we can be considered a reliable and environmentally conscious supplier. Here’s how we’re reducing our environmental footprint:

  • We produce our own energy
  • We are a solvent-free facility
  • We reduce air pollution by recycling the waste heat
  • We save other pollutant-spewing fossil fuels from being burned
  • We cut carbon dioxide emissions, other greenhouse gases and nitrogen oxides
  • We strive toward lean manufacturing—zero waste

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

6982 Bandini Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90040
Tel.: (323)726-0700, (800)360-7484 (SGTI)
Fax: (323)726-7065
Year Founded: 1995

Key Personnel

Steve Holtby, President and CEO
Hiroshi Kishimoto, CFO/Senior Vice President


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2013