New York, NY—For more than 15 years, LifeThyme Natural Market has provided customers with the finest natural and organic products. Located in Greenwich Village, the store certainly felt the disabling effects of Hurricane Sandy. Although the store did not sustain any property damage, they were left without power for a week, resulting in the loss of many frozen and dairy products. The store was up and running as of November 3rd and was fully stocked by November 5th.

To help their neighboring community, store manager, Altijana Frljuckic, stated that on the Wednesday after the storm, still without power, LifeThyme sold water and necessities, but also made the incredibly generous decision to hand out dry goods and soups to customers in need. “We made burritos, pizzas and gave that to customers and handed out whatever was still frozen. We gave out everything for free, nothing was charged,” said Frjuckic. A Facebook status update on that day was most likely an attempt to lighten their follower’s spirits: “By the way, if you come by in costume we'll give away free milk - 2 days warm - just kidding. LifeThyme cookies! (no cake - it wouldn't be good).”

When asked how the industry as a whole was affected, Frljuckic stated, “Greatly, because we missed that week, and Thanksgiving came faster this year.” Having just dealt with and still dealing with the after shock of Sandy, LifeThyme tried to prepare for the anticipated Thanksgiving rush.WF


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Published in WholeFoods Magazine, January 2013 (online 11/26/12)