Strawberry Umami with Marmite Basil Yogurt

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courtesy of Savoury Systems International
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Recipe courtesy of Savoury Systems International



·         Strawberries (cleaned and quartered)- 2 ¼ cups

·         Water- ¾ cup

·         Sugar- 3 tablespoons

·         Salt-¾ teaspoon

·         Lime Juice- 1 teaspoon

·         Vanilla Extract- ¼ teaspoon

·         Whole Milk-1/2 cup

·         Heavy Cream- 2 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon

·         SSI #1078 HNLV-LS-3111 R3-1/2 tablespoon

·         Marmite- ¼ teaspoon

·         Prepared Pesto- 1/2 tablespoon 

·         #1002 Yeast Extract Paste- 1/3 teaspoon

·         Plain Yogurt- 1/3 cup



Blanch and puree strawberries in food processor.  Add sugar, salt, lime juice, vanilla extract, and dilubuted #1078 HNLV-LS-3111 R3 in 1/4 cup of water.  Process further.  Transfer to mixing bowl and chill.  Once chilled, add balance of water, milk, and cream and fold until mixed thoroughly.  In separate bowel mix marmite, #1002 Yeast Extract Paste, yogurt, and pesto.  Top chilled soup with yogurt.