Aunt Gussie’s Cookies & Crackers has introduced a new line of gluten-free English muffins and focaccia breads. The products are wheat and dairy free and are made with whole grains. They are all-natural and contain no HFCS or trans-fats, according to the company. Each package includes ix servings.

Bob’s Red Mill launches two gluten-free baking mixes, Shortbread Cookie Mix and Vanilla Cake Mix. Made with whole grain sorghum flour, the mixes are an addition to the rapidly growing gluten-free product category. All it takes is a little creativity to make interesting recipes from these mixes like adding a fruit filling to the cake mix.
SRP: $3.79

Annie’s Naturals releases new dressings  along with new packaging. New flavors include Lite Herb Balsamic, Fat-Free Raspberry Balsamic and Fat-Free Mango. Each is conveniently packaged in an 8-oz. bottle. And, the new flavors add extra taste to salads, without the added calories or fat.
SRP: $3.49

From La Vita Health Foods are La Vita All Natural Crunchy Cookies. The cookies are gluten free, sugar free, have zero trans fats, are vegan, probiotic and have no cholesterol. These diabetic-friendly cookies are available in almond, raspberry lemon, chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate chip, strawberry, poppy seed and Cajun.

living veganLiving Vegan for Dummies ($19.99, 362 pp), by Alexandria Jamieson, gives reasons why you should consider a plant-based diet, along with tips and strategies for building a diet that works for you. Forty recipes are included for making vegan meals. There are also tips on checking food labels and finding vegan meals in restaurants and other situations.

urban veganThe Urban Vegan ($16.95, 227 pp), by Dynise Balcavage, is a collection of 250 original animal-free recipes inspired by urban colorful culinary landscapes. Recipes are grouped into themes such as café culture, lunch cart, urban garden, haute cuisine, “just desserts” and happy hour. Icons designate recipes as low-fat, fast, omnivore friendly, kid friendly or frugal.

Fresh from the FarmFresh from the Farm: Great Local Foods from New York State ($39.95, 272 pp)  showcases New York State farms. Writer Nathalie Sann and photographer Susan Meisel show where to find the best produce, dairy, poultry, wine and much more, from Hudson Valley farmland, to the lush Catskills to the vineyards of Long Island.

total health the chinese wayTotal Health the Chinese Way ($17.95, 344 pp) is a guide to total health, authored  by Esther Ting, Ph.D. and co-author Marianne Jas, M.A., presents four decades of insight into helping patients learn the value of listening to their bodies. Each chapter contains quick exercises, diet tips and testimonials that will help ease pain, increase energy and prevent illness.

aloe veraMartie Whittekin’s book Aloe Vera ($7.95, 55 pp) presents the ancient medicinal herb in the light of modern science. It describes the benefits of aloe vera, including immune system support, antioxidant protection, detoxification and digestive health. Whittekin backs up these age-old claims with modern scientific research.