Calcification is believed to be an unfortunate result of aging, but studies show that arterial calcification is, in fact, an actively regulated process. Recognized as the most potent modulator of vascular calcification, Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) can only fulfill its heart-protecting role if the body has adequate amounts of Vitamin K2 to activate it.

NYAG Forms Coalition For Expanded Supplement Probe, Industry Responds

A new white paper from four expert scientists assessing the capabilities and limitations of DNA barcoding for herbal supplements.

This white paper, Redefining Medicinal Mushrooms, defines medicinal mushrooms, explains the active medicinal compounds of mushrooms, and describes sampling of medicinal basidiomycetes.


Download the white paper here.

This white paper, funded by Aker BioMarine, shows the advantages of krill oil in regards to raising a person's Omega-3 index, potentially being more effective than fish oil.

This white paper, sponsored by Graminex, discusses the benefits of flower pollen extract for prostate support. Download the report here.

UC-II® is an undenatured type II collagen made in the United States, and it is backed by two studies in people with osteoarthritis and in young, healthy, active adults.

Antarctic krill fishery is actually one of the most sustainably managed in the world.


Here's how EpiCor supports gut health.


A review of the benefits of EpiCor.