brain health

WholeFoods Assistant Editor Sebastian interviews Adrian Lopresti about the role of oxidative stress on brain health.


The International Home and Housewares Show is just a heavenly place, with products to transform your lifestyle, and make your house into a home! I had a twinkle in my eye the entire time I wandered the expo’s floor in Chicago, March 5 – 7, 2016. 


Senate Bill 2609, otherwise known as the Biotech Labeling Solutions Act, which threatened to override mandatory GMO labeling laws such as that of Vermont, was blocked on Wednesday, March 16 by the Senate. After a procedural vote of 49 yes votes and 48 no votes, the bill did not meet the requisite 60 votes necessary to advance to the Senate.

vitamin D

Two studies published in March show the potential effects of vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy.

Jonny Bowden

Having just returned from the trade show Expo West—that Roman orgy of “natural” food products put on annually at the Anaheim Convention Center—I feel compelled to take on a subject that was very much on my mind as I surveyed the thousands of products on display: the utter BS that you see on labels. Sadly, this includes many “natural” foods and supplements.

Free Gift, Frank Guzzo

Here is your free gift.  A full 24 hours that will only be granted to you once every four years.

Ingredient Markplace 2016, Orlando, Fl

For the second straight year, Ingredient Marketplace heads to Orlando, Florida, from April 27-29.