Washington, D.C.―Starting September 1 of this year, companies seeking to certify personal care products under the Natural Products Association’s (NPA) Natural Standard for Personal Care Products program must now be sure their products only contain all-natural fragrances. Unlike what is the case now, organizations must have documentation their fragrances’ composition; and they must be made with all-natural processes. Although companies with products that have been previously certified are not required to immediately make these changes, they should be prepared to do so once their recertification time comes.

Junk Food

King County, WA—According to a study done by a team of researchers at University of Washington, childhood obesity is often linked with socially disadvantaged neighborhoods as reported in the Social Science & Medicine journal. A study in King County was recently conducted with 8,616 children between the ages of 6-18.


Las Vegas, NV—From June 10 to 12, natural products industry members had their pick of events to attend at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Co-located at this venue were the 73rd annual Natural MarketPlace (the Natural Products Association Tradeshow), the World Tea Expo and the first NutriCosmetic Summit. The three events also plan to co-locate next year from June 23 to 25, 2011.

FTC Victory

Washington, D.C.—In June, WholeFoods told readers about pending legislation that sought to expand the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s authority so that the agency could devise and implement its own rules. Now, on June 25, Congress has decided not to include this language in its Wall Street Reform bill (S. 3217).


Monheim, Germany—In a much anticipated move, raw materials giant Cognis Holding GmbH, based here, agreed to sell all its shares to BASF. The transaction, valued at nearly $3.8 billion (3.5 billion euros), will close in November of this year. Cognis made in $3.1 billion (2.6 billion euros) sales in 2009.


San Francisco, CA— On Monday, June 21, the Supreme Court overturned a controversial ban on the genetically modified alfalfa seeds created by U.S. biotech company Monsanto. In a 7-1 vote, the Court reversed a previous ruling by a federal appeals court judge in San Francisco that barred Monsanto from selling seeds due to their resistance to the popular weed killer Roundup.

Retailer of the Year

This year, as we celebrate New Seasons Market’s accomplishments, we are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of honoring the industry’s most notable retailers. Congratulations to all past winners of the Retailer of the Year Award. We’d love to hear from past winners and retailers nationwide—tell us what’s on your mind! Share your thoughts and  see how these businesses have fared over the years.


Enough of the tired excuse, I haven’t had my coffee yet. It’s common for people to blame their morning grogginess on a lack of caffeine, but a recent study suggests that the morning jolt may be nothing more than a figment of the imagination.

sunscreen bottle

Washington, D.C.—The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released the 4th edition of its annual Sunscreen Guide. In all, the guide assessed about 1,400 products with SPF, including beach and sports lotions, sprays and creams, moisturizers, make-up and lip balms.