New York, NY—Krill oil supplier Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc., based in Quebec, Canada, brought out a new secret weapon during a media lunch at SupplySide Marketplace in May.


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In southwest Africa, there lives a tribe of people known as the San, who are believed to be  the direct ancestors of modern humans who roamed the territory about 60,000 years ago.

New York, NY—New research indicates there may be an effective way to enhance levels of l-glutamine in the blood. This amino acid plays a vital role in cell proliferation, provides the fuel for respiration, supports muscle recovery after exercise and enhances healthy immune function.

Bergen, Norway—A new study published in Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental indicates there may be a connection between obesity support and krill supplementation.

In the tradition of Dr. Howell and Dr. Kouchakoff, National Enzyme Company (NEC) is attempting to update Dr. Kouchakoff’s pioneering work in the context of modern scientific techniques and study designs.

Geoff Robinson

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