Aker BioMarine Antarctic US, Inc. now offers Superba 2, developed with Flexitech technology. The patented technology allows Aker BioMarine to up-concentrate krill oil’s beneficial components (such as phospholipids and omega-3s) while removing the salts that can lead to unpleasant odors and taste. Like all Superba products, Superba 2 is certified 100% sustainable and traceable.

CuvitusXSTO Solutions now offers Cuvitus, a whole fruit extract from cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) intended to support muscle and joint soreness after exercise. Says the firm, “Working metabolically to reduce TNF-alpha and other cytokines, Cuvitus can be used in pre and post work out supplements as well as joint health products to support active, healthy lifestyles.”

PLT HealthPLT Health Solutions, Inc. has introduced a water-soluble version of 5-LOXIN (Boswellia serrata). AquaLOX has a similar pharmacokinetic profile to 5-LOXIN, which is clinically demonstrated to improve joint comfort and protect against cartilage degradation. AquaLOX has a pleasant taste profile, which is useful for chews, gummies, stick-packs, shots and more.

supplier briefs

News and notes from industry suppliers.

Cranberry Monograph

Scotts Valley, CA—The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia’s recently published a 96-page monograph on cranberry, including information about standards for analysis, quality, control and therapeutics.

Pharmachem Laboratories carb consumption study

Kearny, NJ—Pharmachem Laboratories, based here, sponsored a national consumer survey about why consumers have not been more successful in their weight control efforts.

Supplier Briefs

News and notes from industry suppliers.

Algae LifeAlgae Life Sciences, Inc., a subsidiary of BGG, now offers AstaZine organic astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis). The ingredient is certified organic by Ecocert. Said Joe Huff, CEO of AlgaeLife’s North American operation, “AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin will be very exciting for cutting edge companies that target the organic market.”

PurTeaApplied Food Sciences, Inc. offers PurTea, a new organic green tea extract standardized for caffeine and catechins and designed as a novel natural source of energy for beverages. The company says it is water soluble and less bitter/astringent for easy formulation within beverages.


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