Revitalize the Heart Care Department, Part 1

Beyond weight management and energy sustenance, heart health is a huge category of interest to many dietary supplement/n atural health consumers. The fear of having a heart attack haunts just about everyone age 35 and older.

WholeFoods Celebrates it's Silver Anniversary

By all rights, this issue of WholeFoods should not exist. Just a few years after printing its first issue in 1977, the publication was struggling to keep its head above water.

men's health

A subject to make even the manliest of men blush, prostate health is not one from which to shy away. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland in the male reproductive system that plays a role in sexual and urinary health.


Twenty-five years ago, my father acquired WholeFoods Magazine and made the courageous leap to open a company (WFC, Inc.) to publish it. It blows me away to think about all the changes that have ensued since then, not the least of which being technological changes.


Dynamite comes in small packages. Apparently, so does nutrition. Within the tiny seeds of the Salvia hispanica plant is an enormous world of nutrition, which includes essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.

31st Annual Retailer Survey 2008

Few business owners would argue that 2008 was a challenging year. Gas prices soared, stock values tanked, credit dried up, and inventory and shipping costs skyrocketed.


Everyday, there seems to be a thrilling and promising innovation in the dietary supplements market. However, retailers should be careful when choosing new products not to fall into a trap of getting the newest and wildest thing out there just for novelty’s sake.

veggie caps

How much time have you devoted to considering the needs of those whose lifestyles drive certain diet restrictions? Shoppers who follow a vegetarian, kosher-certified or halal-approved diet expect the same choices for their dietary supplements.

Tools for a Tune-Up

Of all the systems that compose the human body, the immune system is the most awesome, hands down. Its complexity—the wide array of cells that have specific jobs to do, working in harmony with one another—is simply amazing.