Bon Voyage travel-friendly probiotics is the latest product from Bio-K+. Whether in a plane, train or automobile, each 15-capsule pack is designed to help maintain digestive health.
A.C. Grace Company added another supplement to its line of UNIQUE C.A.R.E Products with UNIQUE OMEGA E+, an omega-3 formula. Designed for enhanced absorption and bioavailability, the formula contains marine omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin D3, CoQ10, lycopene and astaxanthin to help blood pressure, blood lipid profile and inflammatory responses.
Nature’s Plus’ new AgeLoss formulas are the first of their kind to optimize a Catabolic/Anabolic Balance, which inhibits tissue-destroying enzymes, neutralizes free radicals and restores age-depleted nutrients. Perfect for men and women, the line includes multivitamins and condition-specific formulas.
Health Plus Inc. is now offering its original Colon Cleanse as Every Day Fiber. As always, the product offers soluble fiber for gentle colon cleansing. The firm also launched a new companion supplement called Every Day Cleanse in daily convenient packets of five capsules.
New to the immune health category is Life Extension’s Black Cumin Seed Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil with Bio-Curcumin. “By acting on both immune and inflammatory factors, Black Cumin Seed Oil may support a healthy immune system, which is increasingly important as we age, and facilitates a healthy inflammatory response,” says the company.
Thyroid Thrive is the latest product from RidgeCrest Herbals. Containing a natural vitamin and herbal formula, Thyroid Thrive is designed to support and maintain several internal organs and systems including the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands, proper hormone levels, a healthy metabolism and natural energy. 
Now available from American Health is Ester-C 1000 mg Effervescent Vitamin C Packets in a new flavor: Natural Lemon Lime. The effervescent supplement offers 24-hour immune support and includes B-vitamins for energy metabolism and vital electrolytes to aid in metabolic hydration. Each packet is vegetarian friendly and has no artificial sweeteners/flavors. 

A child’s first years are marked by countless milestones, from rolling over to learning letters to taking their first steps—followed quickly by taking their first run. Proper nutrition—which includes smart dietary choices and taking natural and organic supplements—can make a child better able to handle the rapid physical and mental growth he or she undergoes during this important developmental period. Here’s how your store can support your tiniest clients at each stage of the game.

Herbal medicine has been a part of the written history of traditional Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years. Eastern herbalists promote holistic balance of energy and overall wellness through herbal teas and tonics. However, Western herbalists target specific diseases or symptoms using individual herbs and spices following an evidence-based approach.