A child’s smile is one of the most beautiful things on Earth. And that is exactly what we saw as we traveled 13,000 feet up in the Andes of Peru where non-profit organization, Vitamin Angels, was observing distribution of their prenatal and children’s multivitamins.

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Harleysville, PA; Austin, TX—Two interweaving studies have been released that examine not only which natural supplements are growing in sales and popularity, but also who is buying them and their motivations for doing so.

Folate (as Metafolin) from Solgar is now available in a higher-potency 1000-mcg tablet. This bio-identical folate is in the bio-active form used by the body, so no conversion is required. Also, it bypasses the potential of accumulating unmetabolized folic acid. Folate is available for purchase in 60-count and 120-count containers.

Gold Star Nutritionals introduces Raspberry Ketone Boost Liquid. Each 2-oz bottle provides raspberry ketone, African mango, green tea, resveratrol, acai berry, kelp, apple cider vinegar and grapefruit for a “fat-burning combination” customers are looking for. An introductory special is running for new stores.
SRP: $24.99 for 2-oz bottle.

CocoaVia from Mars Botanic (a division of Mars Inc.) is now available in capsule form. The cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia help support cardiovascular health because they are scientifically proven to maintain healthy circulation, says the company.

New from Brightcore Nutrition is Sweet TRIM, a blend of 11 natural ingredients said to enhance weight loss and energy. The whole foods-based formula is said to increase energy, decrease hunger, help regulate blood sugar and promote healthy cholesterol levels. Ingredients include green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone, B12, acai and more.

Bricker Labs now offers OptiFlow capsules, which include two cardiovascular health ingredients from DSM: tomato-derived Fruitflow (150 mg) and ResVida (30 mg). OptiFlow benefits overall cardiovascular health by supporting healthy platelet function and blood flow.

Sainthood Herbs has a new line of herbal supplements that are all-natural, healthy, safe, non-GMO, sustainable and eco-friendly. Formulas include BOOST for weight management and mental agility; SOLUTION for sleep, heart and blood sugar support; and WOMEN for menopause support and urinary tract health.


Carlson Laboratories announced that it improved its MSM Sulfur supplement with a greater potency of 1,000 mg. The previous capsule delivered 800 mg. Now, fewer capsules are needed to achieve previous results. While the potency of Carlson’s product has increased, the price remains unchanged.