Activz launched a line with 30+ natural whole-food supplements. The line includes everything from multivitamins to enzymes, krill oil, snack bars and protein shakes. The company ensures potent, high-quality nutrient compounds with PowderPure technology.

ReNew Life Formulas launched Daily Liver Support, a liver detoxification supplement that was formulated to support healthy liver function, help eliminate toxins and provide daily antioxidant protection. Included in the formula are a Detox blend, a strengthen blend and a protect blend.

Flora recently launched its latest product, 7 Sources. The serum is made with 100% plant origin omega fatty acids that are derived from seven nutrient rich land and sea plants. 7 Sources contains EPA and DHA from algae, making it sustainable.

SeabuckWonders has redesigned the packaging of its sea buckthorn supplements lines to create a more distinct look. The new look includes bright orange labels with green and white accents to “pop off the shelf.”

Adding to its best-selling Digest Gold line of digestive enzyme formulas, Enzymedica introduces Digest Gold with ATPro. This exclusive blend of nutrients both includes ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and enhances the production of ATP, the body’s main energy currency. The formula blends ATP with CoQ10, and also includes a full spectrum of digestive enzymes.

Although MegaFood is about to become a quadragenarian, the whole food vitamins manufacturer’s unique sense of business hasn’t changed a lick. The company was founded on the belief that dietary supplements should be made from farm-fresh whole foods, and still holds that belief after 40 years in the game.

Garlic is common in many foods, but what some shoppers may not know is that garlic can benefit the body in multiple ways, beyond tickling our taste buds—and we don’t mean warding off vampires.

Among the factors involved in athletic performance, it’s safe to say that energy is fairly fundamental. Crucial, too, is having enough of the different kinds of energy necessary for victory. Athletes, like everybody else, need the kind that gets you out of bed in the morning. They also need sustained energy that allows them to maintain their stride in mile 26. After coming that far, no one wants to run out of fuel before reaching the finish line.

The market for fish and other marine oils is a nutrition industry behemoth. It has even surpassed multivitamins in terms of the percentage of consumers that use them, at 72% for fish/marine oils to 65% for multivitamins, according to one survey from early 2013 (1). However, that same survey did not place marine oils among the fastest growing segments of the supplements market. This indicates a saturation point has been reached, or at least is rapidly approaching.