The disease state known as diabetes mellitus involves dangerous blood sugar dysfunction, that much is certain. But this complex disease has many layers. There are questions regarding cause, risk, prevention, complications, means of support and potential solutions that must be addressed on an individual basis, but with an eye to the larger problem posed to society by diabetes and associated conditions.

Sprouting up in neighborhoods across eight different states and counting, a relatively young chain of grocery stores trades on a decidedly old-time look and feel. “When you walk into a Sprouts Farmers Market, it’s supposed to feel a little bit different than your everyday grocery store,” says communications manager Lauren Rosenblum. With fresh produce and wholesome grains sold from wooden crates and barrels, and spacious aisles all brightly lit to evoke the feel of a sunny afternoon outdoors, the store makes quite the impression on first-time shoppers. There are a lot of those lately, as the chain expands rapidly and grand openings generate excitement in new markets.

New from Heel USA are Reboost Cold, Cough and Flu Products. The line includes a Nasal Spray for the temporary relief of minor nasal symptoms, a Throat Spray for the temporary relief of minor pain from sore throat and pain from canker sores, Tablets for flu relief and a Cough Syrup for cough and chest congestion relief. They will replace Nectadyn, Sinusin and Vinceel for the retail marketplace.

Twinlab has introduced SkinWithin, an anti-aging supplement that works from within to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and oxidative stress and also improve skin moisture content and elasticity. The once-daily liquicap supplement includes CoQ10 for healthy skin support and astaxanthin to fight against the signs of aging, and excludes artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

BONEhealth Plus Vitamin D3 & K2 from Membrell is a new version of BONEhealth Original’s formula that delivers even more of the nutrients needed for strong bones, like ultra-pure ESC calcium from eggshells, vitamin D3, vitamin C and zinc for strengthening the structural matrix of healthy bone, vitamin K2 for maintaining bone mineralization and magnesium for calcium utilization.

Right 1 Daily by Carlson Laboratories is a once-daily multiple with vitamins, minerals and 500 mg of omega-3-rich fish oil for brain and eye support. The soft gel supplement provides full-spectrum vitamins and minerals and has the added benefits of fish oil as well as extra vitamin K and iron, something the company says was included with female consumers in mind.

Jarrow Formulas added three products with PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinine) for cardiovascular and cognitive function support to its line of products: standalone 10 mg and 20 mg, and QH+PQQ. PQQ helps suppress the excessive generation of free radicals and supports neuroprotection.

cocoa powder

L’Aquila, Italy—A study recently published by the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry revealed that regular consumption of cocoa polyphenols could help to maintain brain health and even offer neuroprotection against age-related cognitive degeneration.

Bluebonnet Nutrition now offers a competitively priced and sustainably sourced line of kosher standardized herbs that are “as true to nature as possible.” Using sustainably wild-crafted or -harvested sources of herbs, extractions are water based and encapsulated in vegan capsules.