Now available from Gaia Herbs is a certified organic gelatinized Maca Powder that “is more easily absorbed and digested than raw Maca,” says the company. This herb is traditionally used to ease stress, promote energy and increase libido. It can be added to smoothies, yogurt, cereals and other foods.

Cocoa flavanols are now available in capsules from CocoaVia (Mars Botanic, a division of Mars Inc.). Two capsules have only five calories and deliver 250 mg of cocoa flavanols, the same amount found in 10 teaspoons of cocoa powder. CocoaVia says cocoa flavanols support heart, brain, skin and eye health.

Fast-dissolving Rescue Pearls, new from RESCUE Remedy, are stress-relieving dissolving capsules. Rescue Pearls are alcohol free and non-habit forming, and are convenient for traveling stressors such as traffic or lost luggage. Other products from RESCUE Remedy include Gum, Sleep Liquid Melts and Pastilles. 

Redd Remedies launched five products. Brain Awakening supports cognitive function and memory; Heart Strong maintains healthy heart function; 120/80 Care strengthens cardiovascular health; D-fense protects arterial lining against free radicals; and Circulation VA helps vein and artery health.

High Energy Labs has a new pre-workout drink. Galvanized N.O. uses no added caffeine, artificial colors or sweeteners. Natural ingredients provide focus and energy, combat soreness and fatigue during your workout, and support lean body mass. This formula helps recovery and pain support.

Mitochondria are amazing cellular compartments that create energy from the food we eat and the air we breathe. They convert fats and sugars from foods into cellular energy. This energy generated by the mitochondria runs every process the body needs to stay youthful and healthy.

New from Lonza is Alomune for immune support. Alomune, which comes in chewable chocolate tablets or berry powders to mix in drinks, contains larch arabinogalactan, a prebiotic fiber that supports the body’s healthy bacteria, innate immune response and adaptive immune response.

Host Defense Organic Mushrooms by Fungi Perfecti now offers six of its best sellers in 30-capsule bottles. Cordyceps, Cordychi, Lion’s Mane, MyCommunity, Reishi and Stamets 7 come in this more economical size, suitable for travel.

New from NaturaNectar, Nasal Guardian All Natural Sinus Care Spray cleanses and moisturizes respiratory and nasal passages. It is easy to use, travel sized and safe for children two years old and up. Nasal Guardian contains purified water, propolis water extract, xylitol and sea salt.