collagen hyalogicHA Collagen Builder by Hyalogic is a chewable lozenge that promotes collagen generation. The supplement contains biotin, amino acids and silica necessary for skin, hair and nail health. HA Collagen Builder is both gluten and sugar free, and available in berry flavor.

coral vitamin DNewly launched by Coral LLC are Eco Safe coral-derived Daily Vitamin D3, which delivers 5,000 IUs of vitamin D plus 100 mg of bio-available calcium, magnesium and 72 other minerals in a small-sized veggie capsule. The product offers support for strong bones and teeth, while exceeding the daily amount of vitamin D without excessive sun exposure.

nordic naturals omega-3From Nordic Naturals comes Omega Boost Junior, an omega-3 dietary supplement for children ages two and older. This Paradise Punch-flavored supplement contains 285 mg of omega-3s per serving. Similar to the other Omega Boost  products, Omega Boost  Junior promotes brain, eye and immune health.

supplements safety

Arlington, VA—PBS aired a Frontline segment on “Supplements and Safety” on Jan. 19 suggesting that supplements are unsafe, make fraudulent claims and are unregulated.


Shoppers are increasingly interested in cannabis, and industry companies are developing more and more products to fill this need. But, not everyone (and every store) has accepted this burgeoning market with open arms. Confusion about the facts and realities may be the source of some of this hesitation. Here, several cannabis experts clarify some top myths about this herb and products sourced from it.

Carb and Fat Blockers

Shoppers who wince at the number staring back at them on the scale may want to explore the fat and carb blocker category. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, these supplements are shown in scientific studies to help get the arrow moving in the right direction for those interested in healthy weight management.

tart cherry

Cherry lovers everywhere, rejoice! It turns out cherries, specifically tart ones, are remarkably good for one’s health and the benefits are backed by research. Learn why this superfruit should be important to you and your shoppers.

heart health

The heart health supplements category is diverse, reflecting many risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. It also grows and changes with the science surrounding heart disease. This feature discusses recent developments in the changing heart health segment. Is your store keeping up with the times?

Ilhwa has introduced a new retail line. All items are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and kosher certified. First, the company now offers an Enzyme Fermented Ginseng in liquid capsules, each containing 119 mg of high-absorption ginseng to help manage the adverse effects of stress. It is also available as an elixir formula that can be taken with liquids or directly on the tongue. Last, Ilhwa launched Royal Ginseng, with enzyme-fermented ginseng, royal jelly, honey and propolis in a liquid formula.