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We know today’s shoppers love online shopping and the convenience of their local big-box store. But are they still drawn to independent natural products retailers?

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Our world is full of toxins, both natural and manmade. Sometimes, our bodies need extra help cleaning house, which is where detoxifying cleanses come in. Cleanse diets and supplements are definitely trendy, but are they safe and do they work?

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private label

What’s in a name? If it’s your own store brand, it’s everything. Or, it should be—especially now.  

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Some 25,000 industry members came together in Baltimore, MD, for the 30th annual Natural Products Expo East tradeshow and conference. This year’s event boasted 1,363 exhibiting companies, including 400 new brands that launched at the show. Here are four observations from the tradeshow from WholeFoods editors.

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Who inspires you?      

Who pushes this industry to be bigger and better each and every day?  

Whose creativity spurs innovation in others?

WholeFoods asked, and our readers responded. This inaugural listing of WholeFoods
Magazine Who’s Who honorees is the result.

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Introduce shoppers to friendly bacteria: probiotics. This type of bacteria is good for—and needed by—the body. After thousands of years, probiotics and the human body have developed a symbiotic relationship (1).

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From freshly baked cupcakes to Grandma’s warm apple pie, some of our most favorite comfort foods fall into the “high in sugar” category. Could there be a better way?

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Some want to get well fast. Others want to avoid those sneezes and coughs before they start. Still others want to improve their core immune strength from the digestive tract down to the cellular level. When dealing with a category as broad as immune support, it can be hard for retailers and supplement companies to pin down what the majority of consumers are looking for. But with strategic marketing and a solid foundation in science, they stand a great chance of making that connection and, in the process, delivering products that will help shoppers achieve a healthier tomorrow.
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In 2014, WholeFoods Magazine reported that global sales of omega-3s were up, but U.S. figures told a different story (1). The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) said 2013 U.S. omega-3s sales dropped to what they were in 2011, and the bad news continued in 2014 with declines every month consecutively.

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women's health

Do you know the origin of the word hysteria? It comes from the Greek word hysterikos and the Greek idea that hysteria was unique to women and was caused by “disturbances of the uterus” (1).

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