Shoppers’ choices in gluten-free bars and sports nutrition are vast, but Europa may have some new items that consumers may want to zero-in on.

Martin Heinrich

The natural products industry has had some great champions on Capitol Hill in the past, and many believe a newly elected senator from New Mexico could prove to be a friend in the future.

Plant-Sourced Minerals from Natural Vitality are purified water extractions of soluble plant-derived minerals that include naturally occurring humic and fulvic acids, polysaccharides, lipids and other nutritional cofactors. The supplement delivers a complex of more than 70 plant-based, small-particle, bioavailable life-sustaining trace minerals in an easily digested and assimilated form.

New from Natural Factors is PGX Satisfast Whey Protein Energy Drink Mix, a health and weight-support supplement that is 100% natural whey protein. A study of PGX, a proprietary complex of water soluble plant fibers, indicates effectiveness in promoting healthy weight loss, a decrease in cravings and a healthy balance of blood sugar levels.

Nordic Naturals now offers Vitamin D3 Vegan, a liquid formulation naturally sourced from lichen and developed for vegans, strict vegetarians and those who prefer a non-lanolin form of vitamin D3. The plant-based formula is in the natural form of vitamin D, or cholecalciferol, which is better absorbed and utilized by the body.

Barlean’s now offers a “one and done” solution. Ultra-purified and molecularly distilled Ideal Omega3 offers 1,030 mg of omega-3 in just one softgel per day. The formula was clinically proven to increase omega-3 levels in the bloodstream and muscle tissue of humans, is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and has a five-star rating from IFOS.

ImmPowerD³ from American Biosciences Inc. combines the ImmPower-AHCC formula and Vitamin D3. ImmPower-AHCC helps maintain optimal natural killer cell function, while the vitamin D3 is known for calcium absorption and immune support. ImmPowerD³ is vegetarian and gluten free.

Free radicals from the environment, our diets and normal bodily functions are constantly causing mischief in our systems. These unstable molecules develop from weak cellular bonds and are different from healthy cells because they’re missing an electron, which love to live in pairs. Not to be outdone, free radicals scurry around our bodies, looking to scavenge an electron from an innocent and unsuspecting healthy cell (How rude!).

You hear it almost every day, be it government health agencies or private organizations, the unanimous directive is for Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables. Despite constant media publicity, the majority of Americans do not ingest enough fruits and vegetables each day. Yet, scientists are increasingly telling Americans they must consume more to avoid a myriad of age-related problems. However, one plant is not considered enough by the experts: cocoa.