Getting Time On Your Side

The body isn’t one for subtleties. Eat greasy food late at night and chances are your stomach will have informed you of your bad decision by morning. Internal batteries running low? Your eyes (and under-eye circles) will tell the story of late nights and lack of sleep.


A honking horn in traffic. A tapping foot in a long line. Another beer. A closed door. Everywhere we look, there are signs of an epidemic of bad moods and bad behavior—we are a nation suffering a 32% incidence of anxiety, depression and drug problems (1).

Reaching New Heights in Supplement Innovation

What’s old is new and what’s new is old. The ingredients in natural supplements are, in most cases, as old as the Earth itself, but the industry is far from stagnant.

Cellular Function: The Building Blocks of Aging

Those looking to achieve healthy aging may want to start small. Very small. Microscopically small, in fact, with cellular function. The mechanisms of aging are complex and not completely understood, but cellular health is one aging topic revisited again and again by researchers.


Our bodies are put through battle everyday—we are exposed to toxins, bacteria, viruses, environmental substances and, especially, our everyday stresses. To ensure our immune systems are performing at optimal levels against daily assailants and chronic aggressors, we might look to an unlikely place for an ally: the dark, damp and hidden places of the forest—home to mushrooms.

The Digestive Foundation

The retailers, consumers, manufacturers and suppliers who make up the natural products industry all have one common concern: health.