AlgalifeArcticFarma introduced the Algalife line of micro-algae supplements with the launch of Icelandic Astaxanthin. Icelandic Astaxanthin is 100% pure and natural and made in a facility that is 100% powered by renewable geothermal energy. The algae is protected from contamination through a proprietary closed system, and each capsule is individually packaged.

IlhwaIlhwa has a new retail line. Enzyme Fermented Ginseng liquid capsules each contain 119 mg of high-absorption ginseng to help manage the adverse effects of stress. It is also available as an elixir formula. Royal Ginseng with enzyme-fermented ginseng, royal jelly, honey and propolis is available in a liquid formula.

Coral LLCCoral LLC has brought to market Coral LLC CellEnergy H2, a molecular hydrogen supplement that can help scavenge toxic free radicals from the body. This stable, bioavailable formula supports healthy energy levels, stress management, joint support and more. The formula combines molecular hydrogen with essential bioavailable calcium plus 73 other minerals all harvested from above-sea, EcoSafe coral. 

Mushroom MatrixMushroom Matrix now offers Om, Organic Mushroom Nutrition with a fresh look and name. The company says the changes “communicate the pure whole-food, earthy organic nature of our medicinal mushrooms as well as their ability to nourish mind, body and spirit.” Ten species of mushrooms are available in both single species powders and powder blends.


CarlsonMother’s DHA from Carlson Laboratories has been reformulated to provide five times more DHA. Mother’s DHA supports mom and baby before, during and after pregnancy. DHA is well known to promote emotional wellbeing and heart, brain, vision, and joint health, as well as support healthy brain and vision development in babies.

SupernutritionSuperNutrition reformulated its legacy Women’s Blend, Men’s Blend and Super Immune multivitamins, and its Calcium Blend, by now including Natto-Pharma’s MenaQ7 as its source of vitamin K2 (MK-7) at 180 mcg. Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is said to support heart health, bone health and play a role in fetal craniofacial and skeletal development.

Jarrow FormulasJarrow Formulas now offers Nicotinamide Riboside with Niagen to support mitochondrial energy production. This precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) has been shown to boost NAD+ levels, which is critical for cellular energy production.
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trace mineral researchTrace Minerals Research has three new liquid supplements. Liquid Ionic Plant Minerals is made with organic, hydrophilic, plant-derived trace minerals from humic shale. NO! Muscle Cramps offers electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, chloride and sulfate, plus over 72 ionic trace minerals to give muscles electrolytes needed for hydration.

Bluebonnet Nutrition Corp.

The classic amber glass bottles bearing Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation’s iconic blue flower have graced the shelves of natural product stores for 25 years. As the dietary supplement brand from Sugar Land, TX, reaches its silver anniversary, here’s a look at how they’ve built a past, present and future on uncompromising devotion to natural foods stores, consumer trust and high quality products.