Deerland Enzymes’ new Glutalytic is said to go “beyond the traditional DPPIV (dipeptidyl peptidase IV) enzyme” by offering a formula that degrades the gluten proteins that cause immune responses. This proteolytic enzyme blend targets the internal and external peptide bonds that make up the gluten protein.

SelectSIEVE Bergamot from Nutraceuticals International Group is isolated from 100% Bergamot juice through an eco-sustainable process. This extract is said to support healthy cholesterol and blood lipid levels. Says the company, “Our extract is standardized with polyphenols that have been recognized to be responsible for ‘statin-like’ action without the typical side effects of statins.”

7-Keto, a weight-loss ingredient from Humanetics Corporation, is being launched in beadlet form, allowing it to be mixed into beverages. 7-Keto, according to Humanetics, has been proven to raise metabolic levels by 5.4% safely and effectively. A one-gram dose of the powder yields 100 mg of 7-Keto. The beadlet form will be available by Summer 2014.

WILD Flavors’ new RPM Factors (which stands for Repair, Performance, Mass) is a bioactive whey protein concentrate that can easily be added to foods and beverages without impacting taste. According to WILD, the concentrate allows athletes to train harder, recover faster and increase lean muscle mass.

EPA Elite from Nordic Naturals offers1,600 mg of the omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in each serving. The formula is intended for “high-intensity, therapeutic support for healthy triglyceride levels and heart health, while promoting key anti-inflammatory pathways.” According to the company, this formula is one of the most powerful EPA-only concentrates available.

New from Gaia Herbs is highly absorbable PlantForce Liquid Iron in a great-tasting formula flavored with organic honey, elderberry juice, sweet orange and star anise. The vegetarian iron supplement consists of plant-based ingredients that facilitate iron absorption, support red blood cell production and provide elemental balance to the formula, says the company. One serving offers 10 mg of iron.

Gold Star Nutritionals introduces Green Coffee Lean w/Raspberry Ketone. The suppplement is said to support healthy weight management. Each veggie capsule contains 800 mg of GCA Green Coffee with 100 mg of Raspberry Ketone. An introductory special is running for new stores.
SRP: $29.99 for 60 capsules.

Vermont Soap has developed the first organic zero-VOC surface cleaner. Liquid Sunshine Non-Toxic spray cleaner is made primarily with unscented oils of coconut, olive and jojoba, is safe for infants, children and pets, and “cleans everything under the sun.” This is the long-awaited scentless version of the company’s Liquid Sunshine Spray and Wipe.

ATHLETE Active Formula, developed by LICKS for Dogs, is a new liquid vitamin supplement for active dogs that has a 98% absorption rate. Chicken-flavored and pre-portioned with five or 15 packages to a box, ATHLETE contains carbohydrates and the amino acid L-carnitine for muscular function, omega-3 fatty acids for joint and cartilage support and antioxidants to fight free-radicals.