RevivaReviva Labs Inc. offers a catalyst trace mineral gel that “boosts skin response to night creams applied over it,” says the company. Its “Skin Energizing Gel” is made with a mineral-rich Hawaiian seaweed concentrate to energize skin cells so that night creams’ active ingredients absorb better.

ZiaZia Natural Skincare’s new Ultimates Oceanic Clay line is intended to help purify and nourish the skin with natural active ingredients and essential oils to support anti-aging. The collection includes a cleanser that tightens skin; a toner to hydrate and balance skin; a moisturizing crème; and a rejuvenating mask.
SRP: $28.95 (cleanser, toner), $42.95 (moisturizer), $39.95 (mask).

Olive OilFungusAmongUs announces the release of an extra-virgin olive oil that is infused with white truffle. Each bottle includes white truffle (Tuber magnatim pico), olive oil, salt and flavoring. Says the firm, “This unique oil enhances any dish. Use anywhere you use olive oil to impart the delicious flavor of white truffle.”
SRP: $12.50.

ZT red teas from ZredT are low-calorie, caffeine-free teas made from rooibos. Available in unsweetened, lemon, ginseng and honey and vanilla, these sugar-free teas are certified organic and contain 20% of the RDI of dietary fiber. With five to 10 calories per bottle, these rooibos teas offer antioxidants benefits.

China MistChina Mist Pure Bottled Organic Teas are available in six varieties and contain very little calories. The line includes Wild Blueberry Green Tea, Orange Blossom Ginger White Tea, Lotus Pear Green Tea, Dragon Fruit Black Tea, Tangerine Black Tea with Pomegranate Juice and Blackberry Jasmine Green Tea with Lemonade. All come in contemporary-looking bottles.
SRP: $2.99–3.99

Jerky StripPrimal Spirit Foods has repackaged its meatless jerky snacks. Made from mushrooms, soy and seitan, the jerky comes in hickory smoked, Thai peanut, hot and spicy, teriyaki, Texas BBQ and mesquite lime. The snacks are high in protein, are 97% fat free, contain no cholesterol and are kosher and vegan.

HappyFamilyNew from HappyFamily are HappyMelts, a snack for infants that are boosted with pre- and probiotics for digestive support. These naturally sweetened freeze-dried yogurt snacks melt in one’s mouth and are easy to swallow. They contain real organic fruit and are enriched with calcium and vitamin D. Flavors include banana mango, strawberry and mixed berries.
SRP: $3.69–4.19.

Crave Foods now offers Crave Samosas, crisp mince-filled triangular pastries. These frozen pastries can be baked or fried and used as a snack or as part of a meal. Varieties include Veggie, Cinnamon Sweet Potato, Feta Cheese and Spinach, Zesty Chicken, Savory Beef and Sizzling Lamb.
2043 Imperial St., Los Angeles, CA 90021,