Domino Foods now offers Domino Light, a 100% sugar blend with half the calories of sugar. The product has been created by blending pure cane sugar with a zero-calorie, naturally sweet extract from the tropical stevia plant. According to the company, Domino Light contains no artificial ingredients, and has five calories per serving. Available in 2-lb. polybags and 40-count cartons.

Nine best-sellers of the FungusAmongUs certified organic, dried mushroom line are now available in 0.5-ounce packages. Consumers sometimes prefer to try a smaller amount of a new variety of mushroom in a recipe, so the firm decided to offer convenient, more affordable, user-friendly 0.5-ounce sizes. This line is available in low line pricing. Eight to a case.

From Kenya, Ajiri Tea Company black tea is high in antioxidants. It is pungent, coppery in appearance, rich in body and possesses a distinct flavor. After local farmers handpick the tea, it is produced at the Rainforest Alliance Certified Nyansiongo Tea Factory, a co-op of small-scale farmers. Local women then create individually designed packaging labels using dried banana bark. All profits go to the Ajiri Foundation, a non-profit that gives educational support to orphans in western Kenya.

Manna Organics introduces Bavarian-style sourdough bread in three flavors: whole rye, multigrain flax and sunny sourdough. Each one is organic, has no added yeast, and is an excellent source of whole grains and fiber. They are under 150 calories per slice and are also great sources of calcium and iron. With less than five grams of fat per slice and up to six grams of protein, these breads are a great well-rounded source of nutrition.

Lallemand Health Ingredients now offers Lalmin Immune, a yeast-based immunity ingredient for food supplement applications. According to the company, the ingredient was “formulated to protect the body, thanks to the complementary immune and antioxidative properties of its components, while retaining yeast natural nutritive qualities.”

New from BI Nutraceuticals is baobab fruit powder, which offers high levels of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Baobab is said to help support the immune system, promote healthy bones and teeth and maintain cardiovascular health including normal blood pressure levels.

Danisco has launched PinVita, a new brand of sterols extracted from a sustainable pine source. Says the company, “PinVita phytosterols are a pure and effective way to keep the heart and arteries in shape by lowering the level of unfavourable LDL cholesterol in your blood by reducing cholesterol absorption.”

Frutarom USA has launched uniK2, vitamin K2 MK-7 for food supplements and functional foods. Studies suggest that the product supports bone and heart health. The ingredient helps activate osteocalcin and produces the optimal binding of calcium in bones. And, heart health may be promoted because the product is said to prevent calcium from being deposited on arterial walls. Says the firm, “UniK2 is a remarkable form of vitamin K2.”

Hyland’s, Inc.’s new Hyland’s Baby Cough Syrup (for infants six months and older) is a 100% natural, homeopathic formula for relieving coughs without drowsy or stimulant side effects. The pleasant-tasting liquid comes with a dosing syringe. Active ingredients include Bryonia 6x, Causticum 6x, Drosera Rotundifolia 6x, Ipecacuanha 6x, Phosphorus 6x, Rumex Crispus 6x and Spongia Tosta 6x.
SRP: $9.99.