Emani Minerals unveils “How 2Be Guides,” comprehensive cosmetic kits that contain simple “how-to” steps and all the tools to create a desired look. There are five “How 2Be Guides” to choose from containing a range of looks from professional to a social occasion. The guides each contain approximately four make-up products that have been specially designed to go together. SRP: $28.00

ECR Software Corporation has come out with new software to make ordering quicker and easier for shop owners. CATAPulT 5.1 introduces 80 new functions such as the Auto Default PO, which allows ordering from more than one supplier at once , and driver’s license scanning for checking age and account information. ECRS says, “Our goal is to provide our customers with complete, front-to-back retail automation from one reliable and trusted partner.”

Dr. Neuzil’s Irrigator Nasal Cleansing Spray offers a nasal irrigator that can help to relieve nasal symptoms. Formulated with 50% saline, a mixture of oils and other natural ingredients, this nasal spray was found in a consumer study to be more effective than other saline sprays or a netti pot for clearing up nasal symptoms. It will refresh consumers, is nonmessy, and easy and convenient to use, says the company.

LunchSkins are environmentally and budget friendly fabric sandwich and snack bags that can be reused again and again. Available in a variety of styles and designs, the bags are made of high-quality thick cotton fabric that is dishwasher and washing machine safe. SRP: $7.85 (snack bag), $10.95 (sub bag).

Columbia Phytotechnology developed the PowderPure line, which uses RZD technology to keep powders fresh and nutritious. The drying process divides fruits/vegetables into “zones” to ensure the highest quality of powders. Core powders come in flavors such as raspberry, pineapple and açai. Beverage blends of PowderPure come in flavors like raspberry-açai.

Frutarom USA has launched Beneolea (EFLA943), an olive-leaf extract that promotes cardiovascular health. The extract is made with the patented Hyperpure technology and has been tested to support blood pressure and manage blood-sugar levels with positive results. Frutarom also claims that the ingredient acts as an antioxidant and helps support healthy cholesterol levels.

Danisco says that its new BioVia YM 10 will “meet market demand for natural, clean-label products without compromising their shelf life and food safety standards.” The natural antifungal blend helps increase shelf life through its unique mixture of dextrose and plant extracts that fights against molds and yeasts. BioVia YM 10 prevents fungi over a pH range of 2–7.

A new system for encapsulating omega-3 comes from Robinson Pharma Inc. called ARTcaps. This enteric system provides better bioavailability in capsules, offered in three capsule weights and potencies of omega-3 fatty acids. Their use of FFA fish oil is targeted specially for consumers who have higher cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The ARTcaps use GRAS ingredients and require less energy to produce than other enteric softgels.

Nebraska Cultures Inc.’s Digestion-Plus Probiotic Blend helps support a healthy colon by replenishing healthy bacteria, improving digestion and acidifying the colon, says the company. It is made with 40% Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, 30% Lactobacillus salivarius and 30% Bifidobacterium bifidum.